Thursday, April 16, 2009

Secret of mind management IN INDIAN PHILOSPHY

The complete defination of this world istied in these two words,like and dislike.our entire behavior is regulated by these two.either we see with liking or with dislike.hence the necessity for a third eye arose.the third eye is the eyo of equanimity ''PREKSHA''in sanskrit., means the development of the sense of equanimity. when this eye is opened we began to comprehend reality,know the truth,niether of the feelin of like or dislike are linked to this.

The purpose of PREKSHA meditation is that we bring out this form of sensory perception ,wherein we onle ''see''. this not possible without practise .feeilings of like or dis like should not arise with this perception.the mind is by nature ,restless.we should not treat it otherwise because this is its very nature. sine the mind is creative and a sum total of many thoughts , restlessness or unsteadiness is its intrinsic nature.thoughts are born according to the circumstances and also come from the stream of feelings within ,the two streams of the mind's instability.
meditation means to control the wavering nature of mind and to decrease its instability the mind cannot remain stable at one point. this is the restless state of mind. when it stabilizes at an object or at a point ,,it attains the steady our mind is able to remain steady for a longer and longer time on a preferred point{ which we choose} our concentration power increases and restlessness is reduced. all our problems owe their cause largely to restlessness ..that is why we need to stabilize the mind

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